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10 Tips to Avoid Getting Robbed in Barcelona

3 Comments 19 December 2010

10 Tips to Avoid Getting Robbed in Barcelona

Barcelona is a charming, fun and overall safe city, making it easy for people to put their guard down. Follow these simple guidelines when in public to avoid getting robbed.

HOT STEALS: Wallet, Mobile Phone, Purse, Camera, Laptop, Hot Personal Electronic Devices (iPod, iPads, iPhones, etc.)

HOT SPOTS: Public transportation, the Center (La Rambla, Plaza Cataluña, Gothic Quarters), Plazas, Beach, Cafes, Bars & Restaurants

1. Carry a minimum amount of cash and avoid carrying anything highly valuable.

2. Don’t leave anything valuable on the counter, table or floor (not even for a second!).

3. Keep your wallet in your front pocket or in a money belt.

4. Wear a bag with a long, thick strap that can be worn across your chest and that zips closed.

5. Wear your bag toward the front of your body, rather than the back.

6. Keep your bag on your lap when sitting (do not put it on the floor or back of the chair).

7. With backpacks, don’t keep anything valuable in the outer pockets.

8. Beware of strangers approaching you for any reason.

9. Take extra caution in tight spaces (i.e. concerts, busy bus or train, etc.).

10. Make a stop to map out your journey.

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