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10 Under 10€: Cheap & Good Meals in Barcelona

6 Comments 28 September 2011

10 Under 10€: Cheap & Good Meals in Barcelona

Whether you are traveling or living on a budget in Barcelona, there are plenty of options to enjoy a truly tasty meal for less than 10 Euros. 




1AREPAS La Taguara Arepería
Rec 10 / Metro Jaume I

This Venezuelan arepería serves up fresh arepas, juices and pastries. If you’re not familiar with arepas, they are like fluffy corn cakes the size of a pita, usually filled with meat, cheese and/or beans. Be sure to top your arepa with one of La Taguara’s homemade sauces sitting on the counter. Costing only a few euros each, two arepas easily satisfy your appetite and budget.
2CREPES | Crêperie Bretonne
Ramon Trias Fargas 2-4/ Metro Ciutadella Vila Olímpica

Follow the smell of butter past the Frank Gehry fish sculpture in Vila Olimpica to Crêperie Bretonne. This creperie’s playful atmosphere, marked by its kitchen in a vintage bus, will have you drawing on your placemat. Especially since they give you coloring supplies to draw while waiting for your food. Choose from a variety of authentic sweet and savory crepes, from smoked salmon with figs and goat cheese to chestnut sauce with Cointreau and cream.

3LEBANESE | Equinox
Verdi 21/ Metro Fontana

Equinox is one of the few places on this list with a good amount of seating and where you’ll have no or minimal wait. If you want to venture beyond the usual shawarma made with shaved meat, try the Shish Tawook sandwich, a pita filled with tender chunks of chicken breast marinated in a smoky sauce (ask for baba ghanoush, a roasted eggplant spread, instead of hummus inside). Decorated with colorful hanging lanterns, Equinox is a great place to enjoy a filling meal followed by a mint tea and baklava.

4ASIAN CUISINE Asia Amb Gràcia
Plaça del Diamant 5/ Metro Fontana

Fresh, delicious and quick – what more could you want? Adding to the variety of cuisine in the eclectic Gràcia neighborhood, Asia Amb Gràcia offers tasty wok dishes, sushi and rolls. How it works is you choose the type of noodle, sauce and ingredients, and the chef fires up the wok for all to see. Strictly a takeout restaurant, grab a bench in the low key Plaça del Diamant, where you can often hear street musicians playing in the evening.
5FOCACCIA Buenas Migas
Plaça Bonsuccés 6/ Metro Catalunya

Buenas Migas is a chain restaurant offering a variety of pizzas, focaccias, pasta salads and more. There are several Buenas Migas located throughout the city, but one of the more charming spots is tucked away in Plaça Bonsuccés, just off La Rambla. Indoor and outdoor seating is available. Bar Kasparo, just across the way in the hidden Plaça de Vicenç Martorell, has a nice patio for a relaxing post-meal drink.

6PIADINA La Piadina
Carrer de la Santa Creu 1 / Metro Fontana

The piadina is an Italian import making its way to every corner of Barcelona. This grilled flatbread filled with meat, cheese and/or vegetables is a great option for any meal or heavy snack. Mark your piadina of choice on an order card at the cash register and enjoy a drink while you wait, as they put a lot of love into each individual piadina. Since there is limited seating, most people eat their piadinas in the beautiful Plaça Virreina just a step away.
7CHICKEN Els Pollos del Llull
Nàpols 272/ Metro Sagrada Familia

Els Pollos del Llul’s weekday lunch menu includes delicious two-course and three-course meals for less than 9 Euros. The pickings often include roasted chicken with rice, potatoes, vegetables and soup. You won’t find a much better deal for a decent meal within walking distance of the Sagrada Familia.
8PIZZA La Pizza del Born
Passeig del Born 22/ Metro Jaume I

La Pizza del Born offers over 25 different types of Argentine-style pizza (thick and crispy dough) by the pan or by the slice, as well as a handful of empanadas and Argentine products. Very popular in the evenings, seating can be somewhat limited, but luckily tables turn quickly. There is also the option of grabbing a bench on the Passeig del Born.
9SANDWICHES | Sandwich & Friends
Passeig del Born 27/ Metro Jaume I

If you’re looking to expand your sandwich options beyond the traditional Spanish baguette sandwich or “bocadillo”, try Sandwich & Friends. This restaurant chain is located throughout the city and serves a variety of sandwiches and salads. The Born location has a good amount of outdoor seating on the trendy and charming Passeig del Born.
Carrer de Ferran 13/ Metro Liceu

Maoz’s specialty is falafel and salad, offering an array of fresh ingredients to choose from, along with Belgian style fries. It is more a stand-and-eat kind of place, or you can try to find a bench in the popular Plaça Reial nearby. It is one of the few places to grab a bite at 2:00h, at which time it is better to eat inside the restaurant.


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  1. Terence says:

    Very intereesting and lovely places for awesome meals.

  2. Rach says:


    so here are my recommendations, what we found after our visit to barcelona this summer:
    – be careful with the paella they offer you, there is a type of paella that is frozen and many restaurants have them advertised, you can easily spot on the sign and remember that even though the prices vary from place to place, the crappy paella is the same frozen food (it can go from 8 euros to 12 near the beach). This goes for spagetti carbonara and bolognese.

    – we found this amazing restaurant (sadly only on the last day of our trip) and it was the best food we ate while we were there: it is called TRA.BAL and it is located in Balmes 203, 08006 Barcelona. The menu for lunch was 8,99 and the food was exquisite! we ate a small piece of paella that was worth the whole paella we ate earlier that week on a crappy frozen place somewhere. The street is near the MACBA museum and very close by the ramblas and plaza catalunya. PLEASE look for this restaurant, i can’t say enough good things about it!

    – near the restaurant, a little bit up the street to plaza catalunya there is an amazing sandwich shop, with baguettes that are good for 2. they are big and they offer you a drink for.. 3.50.. and the quality is amazing, i am still dreaming of that small shop. sadly i don’t know the name, the girl at the front of the shop was very very rude, but the food was so good we kept going there for the whole week and just ignored her!

    hope your visit is good, we didn’t find those many great restaurants, we ate at some traditional ones, but they were either too greasy, too expensive, or just plain frozen.


  3. Its not all about the pricetag of a meal in Barca that makes it great; its knowing where to go and you can get great food at a good price still! Enjoyed this.


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