Going on This Week in Barcelona!

Barcelona is engineered for having fun, from its late night metro schedule to its continuous cycle of cultural events. Keeping track of all the exciting things to do in Barcelona is not easy. Here are some trusty sources that list what’s going on THIS WEEK in Barcelona (see “Helpful Vocabulary” below to help navigate sites in Spanish).

CITY OF BARCELONA The official website of the City of Barcelona.

ATIZA The most complete schedule of concerts and bars, as well as the biography and discography of the main groups playing in Barcelona.

BARCELONA ROCKS | Live music guide to the city with daily calendar. Rock, pop, jazz, and blues.

GO MAG Independent music and urban culture portal.

GUIA DEL OCIO Everything about cinema, theater, restaurants, concerts, night, art and children’s activities.

LANETRO The site where you can quickly and easily find and share recommendations on restaurants, cinema, theatre, concerts, shops and much more.

LE COOL Features a selection of cultural events and leisure activities, revealing the things you really shouldn’t miss.

Helpful Vocabulary

Art / Arte
Bars / Bares
Children / Niños
Cinema / Cine
Concert / Concierto
Culture / Cultura
Dance / Danza
Fair / Feria
Leisure / Ocio
Museum / Museo
Music / Música
Nightclub / Disco
Restaurant / Restaurante
Show / Espectáculo
Stores / Tiendas
Theater / Teatro
Ticket (Admission) / Entrada

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