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Just Landed

Need to check your email? Withdraw money? Buy a plug adapter? Here is some general information to help you get acquainted with Barcelona your first few days in town.


Local Schedule 

Start on the right foot by keeping with the local schedule. This is especially important if you are trying to overcome jetlag. The locals usually eat breakfast between 8:00h – 10:00h, lunch between 13:00h – 15:00h and dinner between 21:00h – 23:00h.


The voltage in Spain is 230 volts at 50 hertz. Spanish plugs have with two round pins. Check the tag on any electronic appliances from outside of Spain to ensure they are compatible (especially hairdryers and flat irons). Some appliances may require a plug adapter as well as a power converter (see Hardware Store below).

Cash Machine/ATM 

You can withdraw cash from a “cajero automático” with most debit cards, but may be charged a fee of up to 3 Euros.


The “farmacia” is usually open from 9:00h-14:00h and in the afternoon from 17:00h-20:00h. There are 24 hour pharmacies and all pharmacies should have a sign that indicates where the nearest one is.


Most supermarkets or  “supermercados” are open from 9:00-21:00h (i.e. Caprabo, CarreFour, Mercadona, etc.), whereas smaller stores have a mid-day closing. OpenCor is open until midnight or later. Read more

Internet Café 

You should be able to find a “locutorio” within a few block radius. Internet cafés usually charge by the minute or in half hour segments. Most internet cafés offer long distance calling as well as fax and copy services.

Post Office 

Correos is the national postal service of Spain. To find the nearest Correos office click here. You can also buy stamps at “Tabacos” stores, which are very frequent throughout the city.

Public Transportation 

Barcelona has a relatively clean, affordable and efficient public transportation system that includes the metro, bus lines and FGC, a railway system similar to the metro. Long distance trains include the Renfe and the high-speed train, the AVE.

Hardware Store  

If you are settling into a place, it’s good to make a stop first at the “ferretería” for everything from paint to screws to shelves to knobs. You can also buy plug adapters and converters here. The bazaar shops sell a variety items as well at a low price.

Trash & Recycling 

Trash is thrown in the gray bin and recycled items should be thrown in the respective bins: yellow bin (plastic), blue bin (paper), green bin (glass) and brown bin (organic).

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