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Summer Survival Guide

0 Comments 16 January 2011

Summer Survival Guide

A few cool tips to get you through the scorching summer months in Barcelona!


Ice CubeIf you do not have an air conditioner, definitely purchase a fan (or two).

Ice CubeKeep the shades down during the day to keep your house cool.

Ice CubeTrouble sleeping in the heat? Put an icepack in your pillow.

Ice CubeTake a cold shower before bed.

Ice CubeUse light cotton sheets on your bed.

Ice CubePut a bowl of ice in front of the fan to blow cool air onto you.

Ice CubeSnack on frozen fruits (i.e. grapes, mango, etc.).

Ice CubeCreate a cross breeze. This is usually obtained by opening a combination of interior and exterior windows.

Ice CubeIf you will be in Barcelona for more than 2 years, consider investing in an air conditioner. Buy second hand or there are usually good deals in the winter if you want to purchase a new air conditioner. The two common types of air conditioners are wall units, which require installation and standing units (referred to as “penguino”), which have a tube that has to be placed in a window. The latter is not as powerful, but less expensive.


Ice CubeCarry a frozen water bottle with you. As it thaws, you will have cold water throughout the day. This is especially useful for the beach.

Ice CubeWear light colors.

Ice CubeApply sunblock daily to protect your skin and avoid burn.

Ice CubeThe best 5 Euros you will ever spend is on a beach umbrella (“sombrilla”). Use it!

Ice CubeThe Spanish hand fan or “abanico” really can come in handy when in stuffy places.

Ice CubeGranizado to the rescue! You’ll see this in most bars in the form of a machine with a yellow or orange substance moving around. It’s a great summer drink typical in Spain to help keep you cool and your blood sugar levels up. You can also make them at home with some juice (i.e. lemonade, orange juice, etc.) and ice in a blender.

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