The True Barcelona Experience

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The True Barcelona Experience

If you are looking to experience the essence of Barcelona—its real traditions and culture—make your way down this list to have the True Barcelona Experience!

Nochevieja December 31st 

Eat 12 grapes at midnight on New Year’s Eve

Cabalgata de los Reyes Magos January 5th 

Catch candy at the Kings Day parade

Calçotada February to April 

Enjoy a long, gluttonous afternoon at a traditional onion roasting party usually held at a rural home or “masía”


Learn how to drink from a porrón, a traditional glass wine pitcher with a unique spout

Sant Jordi April 23rd 

Exchange a rose and/or book with a friend or loved one on Sant Jordi, a local holiday similar to Valentine`s Day

San Juan June 24th 

Take a midnight dip in the sea on San Juan, the shortest (and drunkest) night of the year


Sip a cool caña (beer from the tap) at a beach bar or “chiringuito” or plaza

Pa amb Tomaquet 

Perfect pa amb tomaquet – bread rubbed with tomato and drizzled with olive oil and salt

La Champañaria 

Wedge your way into the infamous Can Paixano to try a delicious and unbelievably inexpensive bottle of cava

Grácia Fiesta Mayor Mid-/End of August 

Get lost in the imaginative and magical wonderlands at the Grácia Fiesta Mayor, an annual street decoration competition and music festival

Castellers All year/La Mercé festival in September  

Hold your breath as you watch a Casteller team carefully craft a human tower

Correfoc All year/La Mercé festival in September 

Dodge the sparks of the devils and dragons at a fire run or “correfoc”

Gegants All year/La Mercé festival in September 

Dance with a giant, a large papier maché figure usually present at local festivals

La Mercé September 

Ooh and ahh at the beautifully choreographed pyro musical show in Plaza España on the last night of La Mercé festival


Get wrapped up in the excitement of a Fútbol Club Barcelona match

Caganer Christmas/Kings Day 

Find the pooping figurine or in a nativity scene or “pesebre”

Caga Tió December 25th 

Sing to the Christmas log to poop presents

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